Mint House (Alternative To Airbnb App) Raises $15M With 4 Salient Features To Provide Better Experience To Business Travelers

Airbnb App Alternative

This blog is for property rental startups and hospitality startups, who are planning to develop Airbnd alternative for the USA, Canada or any other country in the world. Herein we have mentioned 4 salient features of Mint House that startups and travel agency need to consider during alternative to Airbnb app development.

Airbnb has changed the general way of finding a place to stay.

The travel business has seen an impressive reformation with the advent of the alternative to Airbnb apps. Gone are the days, when our only option for accommodation was hotels and hostels. The urge for privacy and professional hospitality is setting new bars for rental properties and other businesses like Airbnb.

With impressive travel accommodation app development for home rental booking sites, renting a room or a property straight from another person has made a huge difference in spending a sizeable amount of cash on accommodations. We are going to talk about one such alternative to Airbnb app “Mint House.”

Mint House, a startup in property-rental apps, has strived to give a better homeaway Airbnb living experience. This hospitality app is curated specially for business travelers, who do not travel to sleep or for leisure. The comfort provided by this app is best of a hotel, without the worst of a hotel, and best of the Airbnb without the worst of an Airbnb.

According to the latest news from TechCrunch, this New York-based startup, Mint House, has recently announced a raise of $15million financing round, led by Revolution Ventures, with participation from other investors and hotel industry veterans. It is entering a cluttered market of Airbnb and other giants with a complete set of new amenities to offer.

How Mint House is different from other alternatives to Airbnb Apps?

  • This Airbnb similar app is majorly targeting business class people. It is all about providing lavish accommodation to business travelers who can have a little peaceful time out of their hectic schedules from work.
  • The aim of Mint House is to lease buildings from property owners and partner with other real estate industry.
  • Each city in which Mint House operates has a dedicated staff overseeing the local operation. (New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Denver, Nashville, Miami, and Detroit)

Let us take a curious dive into some facts about the Airbnb industry, before knowing the Mint House app features.

The stats clearly states the increasing usage of Airbnb users from 2015 to 2020. The forecast shows 40million travelers in the United States and Europe who are likely to use such Airbnb’s rather than hostels and hotels.

Airbnb app stats

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Create Your Own Property Rental App Like Airbnb

  • There is a larger scope of such alternative to Airbnb App, as the adult using such mobile apps in 2017 was 33.9million, which is now predicted 45.6million by 2022.

Now, let’s take some time in understanding the convenience offered by the Airbnb like app through its peculiar features.

4 Salient Features of Mint House That Startups Need to Consider During Alternative to Airbnb App Development

1.  Booking & Managing The Stay At Ease

The Mint House is one of the best travel planning apps when it comes to affordability, privacy and booking convenience. After a long days journey, any individual who has planned a vacation or is on a business trip needs good sleep and fantastic service in the unknown place. The traveler does not want to stand on the reception counter completing the booking procedures.

Alternative to Airbnb app development

Image Credit: Mint House
Source: App Store

The Mint House app has got this painful nerves of the users. It provides an easy user interface that allows them to manage their bookings by filling some mere details for the stay. By managing the stay with the help of the hospitality and accommodation app, it simply makes the users feel special at their arrival. All the respective items of their preference are already placed in the house to make their travel accommodation experience beautiful.

2. Check-In Through Your Phone

The traditional way of booking through Airbnb’s was to book, confirm, and after reaching the place check-in through the reception was compulsory. But, the Mint House has come up with a new feature of “direct check-in” through the phone. This indirectly saves the time of a user and takes him directly to his room, instead of waiting in the lobby for someone to escort him to the room or assign a room when he arrives.

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From the property staff point of view, they can pay attention to other hospitality work and have detailed information about the assigned houses, to cross verify their stay.

The app gives all the “ultra suite access details” to the user when his stay is confirmed. The property-rental app startups and the other alternative to Airbnb app startups have to keep such small time-saving features in mind for a successful app revenue generation and customer retention rate.

3. Find Your Suite By Yourself

This app gives a modern hotel service. Travelers book suite online and proceed for their trip. When they reach the airport, a geofence is tripped, which shows the user directions to enter the building and room. Their phone is the key to their suite, thus the pain of finding keys or find someone to give them the key is eliminated by the app like Airbnb.

This takes a lot of stress off the property owner as the traveler does not need to bother anyone in the building or management alike. Being a travel agency/startup or a property-rental startup, you can also keep a security feature which consists of any of their original documents to cross-check their identity after they settle down in the luxurious style-room. By providing such features, your travel app can be among the best travel apps.

4. Personalized Amenities & Services

The accommodation rental app has personal amenities and service feature which has the smallest of the items present in the menu. The client does not have to call to the front desk, they can click the preferred option and the service reaches to them.

Airbnb app alternative

          Image Credit: Mint House
Source: Google Play

This is the most systematic and professional manner of dealing with guests without intruding their privacy. Make sure that your app like Airbnb does justice to the ultimate needs of the consumers.

Some Other Recommended Features to Include in Alternative to Airbnb App Development

    • “Notification alert” every time a user orders or even when he signs in his suite. (for security purpose this feature will help a lot)
    • An “automatic check-list” with identity proof for both the parties to build trust.
    • The app should have “discounts and rewards” feature apart from affordable pricing to retain customers.
    • “Taxi service integration” this feature will enable your user to use taxis throughout his stay, out and about in the city, rather than booking cabs now and then.

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