Airport Car Rental App Are Ruling The App World: 4 Powerful Solutions By Hertz & Europcar For Car Rental Startups

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This blog contains information for airport car rental app startups, who want to create “rent a car” app like Hertz and Europcar. Herein we have rounded up top 4 solutions provided by these two car rental mobile app services.

Commuting is a whole new traveling experience with the emergence of apps like Uber and Lyft. People rely on various transportation apps to satisfy timely transit demands. When thinking from a business perspective, with the emerging need for diverse transportation methods, the ride-hailing apps have created enormous business opportunities. An “airport car renting app” business is one of such kind.

The global car rental service is looking good with off-airport as well as on-airport market segment. According to, the global car rental industry is expected to reach an estimated $99.6billion by 2022 and it is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2017 to 2022. The major growth factor behind these airport rides is increasing international air travelers and increase in the volume of domestic tourists.

Travelers across the globe are demanding high quality and reliable travel services. Such demand has given good exposure to car rental apps like Hertz and Europcar. There are certain new trends emerging in the taxi app development business for car rental startups.

  • Better user experience through digital trends
  • More green vehicles in the fleets of rental car companies
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Concept of self-driving instead of hiring drivers

The Uber clone apps or car rental app startups can embrace these advanced features and make a fruitful mobile app on iOS and Android platforms. If you have ever planned to create an app like Uber or Lyft, always figure out the solutions that it will provide to the targeted audience. Here we have discussed some extensive solutions provided by Hertz and Europcar.

4 Solutions From Hertz & Europcar (Airport Car Hire App) For “Rent A Car” Startups

#1. Car Hiring Made Simpler

The Hertz and Europcar have eliminated question like – Is there an availability of taxi service outside the airport?

At first, people had to wait for a car outside the airport. Sometimes, it may so happen that they had to pay more for a taxi because of levied taxes on it. But with car rental app, the availability of car transport has made things easier. For ultimate convenience, the taxi apps provide car delivery and pick-up service at the customer’s disposal. There are various locations where such “rent a car” facility is made available. There is more supply than demand, which makes the easy availability of taxis in real-time.

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So, being a car rental startup, if you want to provide an optimal solution to frequent travelers in terms of taxi application, you can develop a convenient and revenue generating platform for customers and business both.

#2. Make Modifications In Reservations

Back then, there were no effective on-demand transportation and logistics apps. The airport car rental apps are one of such effective mobile app development. Not just the customers can view the types of cars, but can also modify their requirements. Also, there is a special “child sitting” selection provided by the transportation mobile apps before clicking the booking button.

Let’s take an example when a customer makes the booking of a cab through the taxi application, he has booked for himself. But, due to some change in plans, he is now traveling with his business partners and needs a new car with more luggage storage. Through car rental app, he can easily modify his needs and can also cancel at the last moment.

Hertz airport rental app development

Image Credit: Hertz Mobile App

Taxi booking apps have so far been encouraged by the mass. Being a car rent startup, you can provide a solution of last-minute cancelation without any extra charges. You can also work more on the safety of the passengers by choosing exclusive cars, through which you can promote the security of the passengers. So, whether you want to build an airport shuttle service app or general taxi mobile app, don’t overlook this solution.

#3. Availability of Roadside Assistance

Emergency roadside assistance helps customers with rental car problems. In any case, the car needs a technical hand, like towing, battery service, flat tire service, fuel delivery, lockout service, and extrication. Such hands-on assistance shreds the worry of a customer. Immediately the replacement arrives with the help, without charging a penny an effortless service is given to the cab users.

road assistance car rental app

For startups, such in-app assistance feature can build trust with the timely availability of the service. Startups can also integrate a GPS navigation map for the users to track their roadside assistance help. Effective user experience makes a good brand recall and retention rate. Integrate seamless features to avail positive customer response.

#4. Rewards & Quick Pick-Ups

Who does not like reward points or discounts? Make sure that the user can avail such offers and discount deals just at their fingertips.  Provide Airport car rental app with such perks to keep retaining customers. For car rental startups, such perks play a very effective role in growing the business initially.

If you give a customer a free rental service after getting three in a row, he will definitely vouch to avail the free one. This is how the “free” word fits in all of our brains. The heart of a transportation app like Hertz and Europcar lies in its logistical strength. Convenience, speed, and time are the key factors that you as a car rental startup are liable to your online users.

Have You Ever Thought to Create Airport Car Rental App For Your Car Rental Startup?

In busy urban areas, people seek an easy way, which could ease their problems when it comes to renting a car for airports or road trips especially. Instead of hustling time with the car dealers and airport cabs, a user can immediately book a cab with his preferred requirements and in a budget car rental service.

So, the predictions are high on the airport rental apps (on-airport and off-airport) services as the traveling of people is increasing and they like their privacy to be maintained. Thus, it is preferable for travelers to use your app and roam around the destination by enjoying all car rental amenities.

If you have an app idea for airport car rental app or want to develop an Uber clone app, cross-verify your app idea with us. We are a leading mobile app development company and have already developed over 54 Uber-like apps for different businesses and startups.

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