Aggressive Marketing Strategies Can Rejuvenate Your App

Mobile app marketing strategies

Improve your marketing strategies and see the huge difference in the popularity of your least popular app. To market an app is quite a challenge these days. We know that you like to see your app on top ranking….but can all this really be done on a budget? Many of you think that marketing requires heavy budget, but in reality, it isn’t true. You can also promote your app through powerful marketing tools even you have lowest amount of money for the marketing side. Internet has provided the cheapest ways to promote an app. Today, we will discuss some of the useful ways of marketing an app successfully.

Ask for Rating, Review, or Feedback within your App:

Let’s start off with a few tips on how to ask for rating, reviews, or feedback from the app users. Of course, you’ll not like the negative reviews or feedbacks. If you are sure, that your app is great, then don’t worry about it!

  • Ask for feedback in appropriate time: Timing is very important.  You should send the request of feedback when your app user is enjoying your app. But, make it sure that this action will not irritate app user.
  • Send request for feedback after 5 to 15 days of app installation. This time period is considered ideal and it shows that user has been using your app successfully.
  • Ask for ratings when a user completes a task like editing a picture if your app is of productive type.
  • You can request for the feedback for games app when user achieves a high score or reaches at the difficult level.

Use ShareKit Effectively:

ShareKit is incredibly easy to use for iPhone and iPad apps. ShareKit enables social sharing within iOS apps for files, urls, text, and images to many other different social networks such as facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. You can also share app through e-mail, instapaper, Google reader, and more. To get this, you’ll have to add a few lines of code and enjoy extremely popular marketing tool.

Integration of Social Networking Sites:

Next, you’ll have to integrate famous social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, and more into your app. This will give huge benefit to you because word of mouth is the most effective tool of marketing. For example, when user gets a high score in a specific game, he or she will have the option to share this score on facebook wall and let his friends know about this loudly.

Tell-a-Friend Button is a True Social Media Marketing Tool:

Tell-a-Friend button can escalate the popularity of your iPhone /iPad apps over night through a wonderful technique called ‘word of mouth’. For this purpose, you just have to install a Tell-a-Friend button and it will enable users to share your great app through social networking sites or e-mails.

Increase your Sale up to Five times through Cross Promotion:

Yes, this is true. Cross promotion can make your life a lot easier because it is the fantastic way of spreading awareness of your coming apps to the existing users. You can publicize your new apps unique way. For example, when your app is downloading, you can allow a splash screen in-between and let your user know about your other apps.

Third Party Web Services can Help with the Marketing of Your App:

Third party web service helps to boost your application effectively. This external support system of your app gives strength and energy to your new app. You have to take the decision about how much of your application’s functionality should rely on third party web service. So, be mindful that API license should give you easy access to the API in a commercial software app for mobile devices. Always make request for the defensive code in order to handle the problems of bugs and heavy traffic. Sometimes, your service providing company may change API and you’ll have to bear a great loss at once. Another important thing, company’s terms and conditions can vary along the time and new conditions can force you to end the feature. So, you must be ready for these emergencies.

Make your own App Store:

The final step! Increase the popularity of your apps by setting up your own shop. This will help you create your own perfect pitch and doesn’t redirect your users to the App store as they hit on your cross promotion. There are huge benefits, you can enjoy by creating your own app shop such as:

  • Earn affiliate commission: when a user buys an app from your app store, he or she will automatically redirect to the iTunes App store. This will give you an extra earning of affiliation. You can earn more money from other developers as you display their apps on your app store.
  • Modification is easier in you app store page: Yes, bringing changes in the store page is easier than updating the iPhone and iPad editions of your application.
  • Use Google Analytics: Google analytics is a wonderful tool that enables you to track your shop pages accessed by the users. This has the capability to augment the sales and page views as well. According to a report, 85 percent of the users explored other game pages with the help of this amazing feature.
  • Your app store will be beneficial for you when you have plenty of apps. If you don’t have, don’t worry. You can display others’ similar apps on your store as well and increase the traffic of your store and earn high profit.

There are many more strategies to market your app and monetize it through different ways. The only concern is, how well you display your app and how much is it useful for its users.

Space-O Technologies knows all the market trends and modern tools of marketing. If you hire our marketing services, we can make your life a lot easier and give your app a new life.

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