ACE – The New Phase of Enterprise Mobility Security

ACE Enterprise Mobility Security

Mobile apps have been the heart and soul of Smartphones since its inception. Starting with gaming apps and going to the free chatting apps. And then to apps that may actually help your businesses in growing the way you want it to.

However, there was a need to standardize the apps made, in terms of privacy and it is an initiative that defines a standard way for enterprise application developers to interpret app configurations and security policies from EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) systems, and for EMM systems to configure and secure mobile applications maintaining enterprise mobility security.

With most companies moving towards mobility and cloud integration, the apps used by enterprises need to be secure, with as strong defence system, against security and privacy threats.

The App Configuration for Enterprise (ACE) is the first open standard approach to establish a way of configuring and securing the mobile apps used for business purposes and deployed via EMM ((Enterprise Mobility Management) solutions. It provides helps in minimizing the efforts that are to be put in by the developers. It’s a standard way to configure and secure mobile apps, used for enterprises. An approach to redefine enterprise mobility security.

Though this standard has not been widely accepted, yet, it is expected that gradually more and more companies from the application industry will be joining this new way of living mobile.

ACE is expanding with these companies being part of this new standardised law. The companies that have accepted this new legim are, ‘Airwatch,’ ‘Bigtincan,’ ‘Box,’ ‘Cisco,’ ‘Deputy.Com,’ ‘DocuSign,’ ‘Dropbox,’ ‘Everbridge,’ ‘Imprivata,’ ‘Kony,’ ‘WA,’ ‘MicroStrategy,’ ‘Salesforce,’ ‘ScrollMotion,’ ‘ServiceMax,’ ‘Showpad,’ ‘Syncplicity,’ ‘OnBase,’ ‘Webalo,’ ‘Workday,’ ‘Xamarin.’

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Few points that will convince you that your enterprise app should follow the same protocol

ACE Enterprise Mobility Security
#1. App Configuration:

There are apps that need the end-user to try and fill in certain technical details, during the time of installation. This takes a long time and the app may loose a user if this process takes more than a certain time. As a part of ACE, more burden will be laid on the help desk and these configurations can be set remotely by the EMM server to simplify the setup process for end users and alleviate the help desk and documentation burden caused by manual setup, according to ACE.

#2. Single Sign On:

In and about enterprise mobility, every new feature that needs to be operated by the employee, is granted to him by the management/ EMM. And with every new app, a whole new sign up process needs to be carried out. Using ACE, the employees need to sign in once and then based on their credentials, the EMM keeps on giving them the access to use one app or another.

To leverage ACE, the app developers need to implement SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language). Then the certificate or Kerberos credentials facilitate access control and single sign on to the applications.

#3. App Tunneling:

This was while the employee was in-house. What if the employee is out of the office and needs an access to a particular app or website that resides in corporate firewalls? Usually, for this reason, it is done using cloud solutions to grant such accesses. But again this might not be a secure way.

With ACE, a direct and secure tunnel can be made, where in the access can be given, immediately.

Other Benefits from ACE are:

  • Reduce the time and cost needed in the building of your enterprise apps
  • Give users a more native app experience, by making sure they can use all the features, their phone has to offer.
  • Using ACE one can get improved Return on Investment over SDK.
  • Provides a greater selection of enterprise apps
  • Neutral EMM vendor solution
  • Reduced scalability issue with SDK and app wrapping technology

What happens by leveraging ACE?

  • There is a possibility of accessing seamless enterprise apps, using ACE
  • ACE makes the developer’s job easy, simple and non-repetitive. They do not need to make copies of their codes, they can directly integrate proprietary code for all kinds of applications
  • EMM vendors can integrate with a much broader ecosystem of mobile applications

Wrapping up!

ACE is a positive change that is coming over the apps used especially in enterprises. Features like single sign-on and easy app configuration with secure app accessing even outside of the firm, are very important.

Knowing the importance of change, being a part of the mobile app development industry, Space-O has planned to accept this standardised approach towards the enterprise app they create, in its near future.

If you want to get your company the benefits ACE has to offer, Space-O will be happy to help.


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