Accessibility and Simplicity Makes Facebook Mobile App Exceed Expectations

Facebook mobile app expectations

It has been around 11 years since Facebook has ruled people’s social lives, all around the world.

However, since the prevalence of Smartphones is increasing day by day, Facebook users are using the app more frequently than the website. In fact, a research by Gizmodo says that,

“More people are using The Book than ever before (1.06 billion), more of them are using it on a phone than ever before (680 million every day, up 57% from last year)…”

Other than that, The Verge, says that in the second quarter of 2014; Facebook is becoming a mobile company. The Verge adds, “ And of the 1.32 billion people who use Facebook each month, 399 million, roughly a third, only login with their phones.”

The Power of Mobile Apps was made visible

Stats show that Myntra has been getting around 90% of its traffic and 70% of its total orders from its mobile app. Deciding to close down its website, was a huge move but they think that focusing on one medium will do them good and if they have to choose between website and mobile app, then their choice became obvious. Say goodbye to Myntra.Com.

These figures may shock some of you, but with those who have been in the Mobile App development company, like us, it has always been clear that how a single app can affect users in general. Recently, Facebook has introduced the call- free- through- facebook feature. This only makes it more clear that even Facebook is focusing its strategies on Smartphone users.

This chart(Fig. 1) shows you the growth of Facebook users employing their Smartphones Vs. their desktops.
Internet Usage(Mobile vs Computer)Fig.1 (Source:seocorporation)

The 7 Reasons, Space-O found, for this shift, will blow you out of your mind:

    1. Clumsiness: While surfing on the Facebook website you may find many distractions. (See Fig. 2) There are four columns, in one page. While in the app, the options appear only as you select them, not unnecessarily.

Facebook Web InterfaceFig.2

    1. Effortless Use: The Facebook website has too many options given and it becomes exceedingly difficult for a newcomer, an aged person or a technologically challenged one, to find their way through. In the app, however, there are selected no. of options, which are easy to locate and to use.
    2. Accessible: Getting bored? Stuck in traffic? Traveling? The best way to pass your time is to get your Smartphone out and start using your Facebook app. The accessibility of the facebook app is much better than its website.
    3. Newcomer Friendly: Are you a newcomer in the world of Facebook? Then using its app is better than its website for a couple of reasons. The four options of friends, message notifications, privacy checkup are badly colour combined which means they are so dark that they are hardly visible. On the other hand in the app there are only four main options visible on the top of the News Feed page and this makes matter simpler without being embarrassed.

Notification Bar

  1. Less Responsive Website: A cover picture in mobile app looks different to the same cover picture in the website. there is no resize feature available in the web site. On the website, due to the difference in size of the medium, your picture might be decapitated. This is called being less responsive in technical terms.
  2. Immediate Result: We record, shoot and click on mobiles more than on a camera, nowadays. Which means that if you click a good pic you can immediately upload it on Facebook, through the app, instead of waiting to reach home. In this speedy world, mobile application is a pacy solution.
  3. Status Update: Inspiration can strike you at any time and with that, there is no need to wait. The idea might flow away if you wait too much. You can directly open your facebook app and upload your status in seconds. Always keep connected.

An app can change your life and connect you to your target audience in a better way. Mobile apps are ruling the market.

And if Facebook Can understand and accept it too then why won’t you?

How will it benefit your business?

Lots of people look for solutions through mobile apps every day. Smartphones are thriving, and with that the war between apps start anew everyday and many of them become martyrs in this battle.

To give your app a long living life in the market, it is important to select the app developing company well. Choose discerningly! Choose Space-O!


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