A Few Challenges in iPad App Development with regards to Enterprise Mobility

iPad App Development challenges

If the launch of iPad 2 in April 2012 saw one million units sold on day one, iPad 3 is expected to emulate it with a bang. The advent of iPad subsequently had undoubtedly opened end number of doors for application developers as well.

In the year of 2012, according to Apple, almost 94% of Fortune 500 companies tested iPad. A survey carried out by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners on over 1,000 consumers suggested that one in five consumers intended to use iPad for business purpose. It is estimated in the areas such as sales, diagnostics group, and shop floor technicians, 3,000 iPads replaced laptops.

According to experts, iPad is expected to strengthen the BYOD culture across the enterprises. But, very soon, enterprises may decide to distribute iPads as part of the business strategy or what they call enterprise mobility solutions strategy to be precise. Such strategies would be most successful with the sales department of any organization.

Benefits of iPad apps to sales person are:

  • Facilitates mobility with ease and less burden of a relatively heavy laptop
  • Catalogues to be shown to customers can be updated instantly and customers can have latest information i.e. price, images of product, discounts, and other details
  • Customized iPad application development can exploit fine features of iPad such as database applications, bar code scanning, printing, gaming and video conferencing

There is no doubt that when the features of iPad are exploited at their best, they give the best results for enterprises. However, iPad application development is fraught with some challenges, and before you decide to go for it, challenges and their solutions need to be clear in your head.

High Standards of Apple App Store

Many a times, iPad application developers face the music of stringent rules set by the App store. It is expected that iPad applications for enterprises are as intuitive and usable as the other non-enterprise applications. Application developers also need to match the expectations regarding functionality and compete for timely delivery. All these make iPad application development process a bit challenging. However, if you are dealing with an experienced and efficient technology partner such as Space-O, you are absolutely in safe hands.

Some other challenges facing iPad app development:

  • Though iPad applications have penetrated enterprises successfully, there is still a requirement of enterprise applications that are larger in scale. For that, there is a need of an iPad that is robust in performance
  • Developers also need to think of battery consumption as users are likely to use heavy internet connection, push notifications from social media etc.
  • In order to create complex applications, iPad application development has to rely on limited SQLite database
  • Also, iPad does not take Flash. Therefore, developers need to make applications that can attract equal amount of attraction as applications with Flash can
  • iPad application development also requires thorough understanding of creating robust security for users

These are a few challenges facing iPad application development. If a technology firm is Space-O, these challenges can surely be turned into golden opportunities.

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