9 Tweetable Facts about Augmented Reality Mobile App Market

Augmented Reality Facts

Augmented Reality is not just another mobile app development idea but it’s a serious business opportunity to cash in on. Don’t believe me?

First, to get the better idea, read the benefits of Augmented Reality development. Then start with the following content.

As per Juniper Research,

  1. Revenues from Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile Apps will be around $300 million, in 2013.
  2. Market for augmented reality applications is expected to grow by leaps and bounds with revenues touching to a figure of $5.1 billion by 2016 from mere $181.25 million – a compound annual growth rate of 95.35 percent.
  3. Over 2.5 billion mobile AR apps to be downloaded yearly by 2017, with largest chunk of it comprised of games.

According to ARC Chart forecast,

  1. Revenues from mobile augmented reality apps will reach $2.2 billion by 2015.
  2. Further, a total installed base of over 1.6 billion AR-enabled phones will be present in the market.

Going by Gartner’s research predictions,

  1. 30 per cent of mobile subscribers having data plans in mature markets will use AR at least once a week, in 2014.

Ypulse, a youth market research firm finds that

  1. Only 11 per cent of high school students and collegians have ever used an augmented reality app.

Augmented Reality Mobile Apps can actually enhance the user experience and thereby improve the customer loyalty towards your brand.

  1. Toyota saw a staggering 600 per cent increase in Toyota Shopping Tool app downloads following a coordinated concert event and augmented reality launch.
  2. Moosejaw launched an XRAY augmented reality app that drove 1 million impressions on Twitter, 160,000 video views and 75,000 downloads in 5 weeks, boosting sales by 37 per cent YoY.

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