7 Things You Need To About the Future of In-Vehicle Mobile Apps


Although the concept is in its infancy in-vehicle or in-car mobile apps are gradually becoming the interest of car and app makers. We’ve therefore jotted 7 things that we believe can interest you, if you are in mobile app development or related space.

Here they go:

  1. In-vehicle applications will have a market of nearly $1.2 billion by 2017, according to Juniper Research.Twitter
  2. Further it predicts 120 million app-connected vehicles to be on the road worldwide by 2017 and out of these more than 75 per cent of cars will be in North America, Latin America and Western Europe.
  3. 20 per cent of consumer cars in Western Europe and North America will be app-connected vehicles by 2017.
  4. As per the report from Anthony Cox of Juniper Research, “Incorporating the smartphone into the vehicle has become, and will continue to be, a major driver for automotive infotainment and in-vehicle Internet access.” From this it can be inferred that in-vehicle apps will have some definite need.
  5. Egil Juliussen of IHS Research said the “The next several years will see an explosion in the use of in-vehicle apps in cars…” Further, as per IHS, 38 per cent of new car buyers want apps.
  6. Advertisers will have another way to attract consumers based on their use of in-car apps.
  7. In-car app opens the door to new business models for content providers and app developers.

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