7 Best iOS Note Taking Apps

So, you are thinking to buy a new Apple pencil huh? Or, if you’ve purchased it already, then you made one of the best decisions. However, for now, the new Apple pencil can be used with the new iPad Pro only, but it offers many qualifiable differences in good ways compared to third-party styluses which have been sold previously.

For those who don’t know, Apple pencil is the apple’s first official innovation for drawing, handwriting and other precision inputs that are beyond finger touches and gestures.

This new innovation has redefined the whole definition of taking notes because writing with an Apple pencil on an iPad is almost as easy as writing on actual paper. This is why it is a huge factor for anyone when it’s a matter of note-taking.

However, the main purpose of this article is to introduce you people to some cool and efficient iOS applications you can use for taking notes. So, let’s get started!

  1. GoodNotes 4

    GoodNotes App

    GoodNotes is an iOS app developed for taking notes on iPad and it is one of very few feature-rich and complete iPad note taking an app that is perfect for creating multiple notebooks. In this app, you can create notes for class-wise or subject-wise and you can create individual pages in the same notebook with different page styles. Additionally, you can also insert images and charts which are a very useful feature.

    The best part about this app is that it indexes your notes so that you can quickly search them. Even if you have awful handwriting, it will still correctly index your notes and allow you to search through them when you need to. All in all, it is the best handwriting app with many new features and it is available for $7.99 on the App Store.

  2. Notability

    Notability App

    Notability is very similar to GoodNotes on the surface, but Notability app feels slightly more polished and bit easier to use than the GoodNotes. Notability indeed offers many of the same features as other handwriting to text app including pressure-sensitivity detection, palm-rejection and ability to add charts, images, and web pages.

    However, the only thing missing in Notability that makes most users switch to other note taking apps for Mac is the ability to search handwritten notes. Of course, you can search PDF text in the app, but any notes written by hand are not able to search.

    But, if we take a look on the bright side, the Notability is presently 33 percentage off on the App store and available only at $3.99.

  3. Notes Plus

    Notes Plus

    Notes plus is another a solid note-taking IOS app with iPad handwriting recognition. In addition to all common features like folder management, PDF and image support, and shape detection, Notes Plus supports a built-in browser for looking up statistics and facts and also has the ability to convert handwritten notes to text, which makes Notes Plus best handwriting app for iPad.

    Notes Plus is currently 30 percentage off in the App Store and it’s available for $6.99.

  4. Evernote

    evernote app

    Evernote isn’t the most feature-rich writing to text app among all (Spoiler alert!) when it’s the matter about taking notes with Apple pencil, but if you’ve used Evernote before, then Evernote is the best bet as you will stay in the same ecosystem and it helps you switch between operating systems and devices for taking notes. It’s available on the App store for free with different premium upgrades.

  5. Penultimate

    Penultimate app

    Penultimate, made by Evernote, is a more advanced handwriting app. It has a unique distraction-free interface that makes it very easy to take down notes. The app is optimized for the new iPad Pro that supports pressure sensitivity, so you can press harder for thicker lettering and lighter for faint writing.

    Moreover, the Penultimate allows you to analyze your handwritten notes as well as it allows you to search handwritten text in the app. And, another plus point of Penultimate is that it’s free with in-app purchases to improve your user experience.

  6. Bear

    Bear is a note-taking app on the iOS platform, competing as an alternative to Evernote. It has a smart interface to impress users with its three-panel design. The app functions efficiently, making users perform different tasks. It is the USP (Unique Selling Point) of the app. It performs all functions such as recording notes in the form of text, images, videos, and sketches that you would expect in a decent note app.

    bear app note taking

    The main feature that makes Bear note-taking app favorite among regular writers is Markdown Support. This app is supported by Apple Workflow using which workflows can be created as per the requirement. As per the latest update, the Bear app has introduced an Archive feature, which lets you hide notes that are no longer in use. Deleting notes is not an option in the app.

  7. Notepad+Pro

    The most expensive note-taking iOS app development. The technology gives traditional-feeling, by serving as a digital equivalent to taking notes with pen and paper, and is best used with apple pencil. A user can use multiple pens, enormous color, and highlight options. It also has password protection for notes that a user wants to hide.

Note taking app

Wrapping Up

So, the bottom line here is that these apps provide a viable way to take notes quickly in different settings. Either you’re in a class or a meeting, these apps make your note-taking experience nearly equivalent to that you have with pen and paper.

For any application to be successful, keeping good user experience is of utmost importance and that’s what we always take care at Space-O Technologies. So, if you’ve some brilliant idea and wish to turn into reality, you can hire dedicated developer from Space-O who has developed note taking apps for iPad like “My Note’d Moments”, for instance.

My Note’d Moments allows you to label a cover and create your particular notebook for the particular occasion so you can re-live those moments anytime you want by getting into flashback through your notes, attached photos & recorded voices. Additionally, it protects your personal notes and moments with a password.

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