6 Tips To Help You Plan Your Android App Development for 2013

android app development tips

Android app development is often believed to have less monetization or revenue opportunities compared to iOS, which by the way is true if you look at statistics. However, app publishers should not completely negate or neglect the android app development because of the following reasons:

    1. Consider Magnitude of Revenues: As per ABI Research mobile app revenues will the touch the figure of $25 billion in 2013 of which 27 per cent ($6.75 billion) will be contributed by android apps. This indicates that there is still a considerable market for such apps.
    2. Take an Account of App Downloads: ABI Research also reveals that out of the total 56 billion Smartphone App Downloads, Android will have a whopping share of 58 per cent which equals to an approximate of 32.48 billion. While Android Tablet App Downloads will contribute a 21 per cent (4 percent of Amazon Kindle Fire included in this) – 2.94 billion of total 14 billion Tablet App Downloads in 2013.Key: You must focus more on android smartphone app development than android tablet app development.
    3. Create Games: Games are the popular category of apps that one must focus upon. Games account for 15 percent of the apps in Google Play as per Portio Research.
    4. Contemplate Reskinning Games / Apps: You can also reskin the android games by altering or updating the in-game graphics, interface and other ways. Learn more about reskinning games and advantages.
    5. Develop Freemium Apps with In-App Purchase (IAP): Since android is infamous for free apps you will find a very little audience who is willing to pay for android apps upfront without even using it. Having said that you can still monetize through your freemium android apps incorporated with in-app purchase feature.
    6. Capitalize Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) Option: Another interesting fact that Juniper Research identifies is that DCB (Direct Carrier Billing) is a prospective option for content monetization on smartphones. Direct Carrier Billing solutions widen your consumer reach without sole dependency on Google Play which means app users may buy the android applications or other app content from a developer’s website or through a third-party alternative to Google Play, without having to worry about paying them until they get their monthly phone bill.Not only that, they will not be required to share their credit card information and can be refunded within 15 minutes of the time of download for purchases of unwanted android apps. One of the significant factors to consider is that DCB is the only available electronic payment channel for 1.7 billion people across the globe, who own a mobile phone but don’t have a bank account. You can read more about the opportunities with direct carrier billing by visiting mobilepaymentstoday.com

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