6 Facts You Must Know About Branded Mobile Apps

branded mobile app facts

Below mentioned are few significant facts you must certainly take an account of, if you are planning to leverage out of branded mobile app development.

So here they go:

  1. Millennials are 262 per cent more likely than the average consumer to be influenced by smartphone apps when making decisions about brand. (Source: SymphonyIRI.com)
  2. 95 per cent auto brands in United States offer mobile apps for iOS devices, compared to 83 per cent for Android. Interestingly only 25 per cent of US auto brand mobile apps offer roadside assistance. (Source: L2ThinkTank.com)
  3. Only 21 per cent of retail brands’ tablet apps incorporate deals or special offers. While 83 per cent of retail brands’ tablet apps that incorporate commerce need browser to complete the transaction. (Source: L2ThinkTank.com)

Tip: Consumers want to be rewarded with “Exclusive Offers” if they download a retail app and 38 per cent of respondents have considered this as the most important feature for smartphone apps, in the Mobile Commerce Compendium study conducted by econsultancy. Read here.

  1. A mere 22 per cent of sportswear brand applications have eCommerce. (Source: L2ThinkTank.com)
  2. Only 1/3rd (or 33 per cent) of consumer brands will integrate payment into their branded mobile apps and that too by 2015 if we go by the Gartner’s prediction.
  3. Again as per L2ThinkTank.com
    • 45 per cent of luxury hotel brands have developed mobile apps in the year 2012.
    • 40 per cent of Fashion brands, majority of all again from luxury verticals release an app but never update it.
    • 58 per cent of American luxury beauty brands’ apps are targeted specifically for Asia Pacific markets.
    • 27 per cent of luxury brands with apps have never updated them.

Tip: With mobile apps up by 85 percent Year Over Year, boasting 101.8 million users who spend 129.4 billion minutes per month on them, the audience is huge and only getting bigger. In such a Scenario all your development efforts and investments behind your mobile app are in vain, if you don’t update, upgrade or maintain your app.

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