5 Major Benefits of Android Application Development


If you are thinking of creating mobile app, then considering android application development may certainly turn in your favor. Though it offers a number of advantages some of them are simply hard to ignore.

Read about the 5 major benefits of Android App Development:

  1. Low barriers to entry: Ever compared what it takes to get started with Android Application Development and mobile app development for platforms other than iOS. There is significantly low barrier to enter and encode app with Android SDK. There is a one-time $25 registration fee charged for a Google Play Developer Console account that you may need to distribute your products.Besides one can use almost any computer to code an app and test it without even purchasing a test device. Whereas with Apple’s iOS one has to pay $99 as yearly fee for SDK and an additional amount for hardware.
  2. Easy App Approval Process: Google Play has a very simple app submission and approval process with no stringent policies unlike Apple App Store that rejects to approve of any app not complying with its guidelines.
  3. More Opportunity with Amazon: Android app development expert can gain and make the most of amazon app store (marketplace) too.
  4. Reserve the App Name: If you are planning on android application development in the future but want to reserve the app name, Google Play allows you to do so. You can publish an android app with your desired java package name such as “com.mycompany.myappname” and save that package name for your app.
  5. Huge Audience: No can deny the android has the highest penetration when it comes to mobile devices. Thus the more are devices, the more will be the demand for android app development.

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