5 Key Takeaways for Re-skinning Mobile Apps and Games

reskinning mobile app

Although re-skinning mobile apps and games can save you a lot of time and money while getting you bigger and better results, it is not a guarantee to success unless you apply it logically. Anyone can buy the source code of an existing mobile app or game to reskin it however, not everyone can achieve success with it. So what are the possible considerations to keep in mind? What can likely improve the chances of achieving a great ROI?

Well, here are the 5 Key Takeaways for Re-skinning Mobile App and Games:

    1. Consider Downloads as well as Reviews – Both good as well as bad mobile app reviews and downloads can bring you an opportunity to reskin and recreate an amazing mobile app experience.
      • Good Report: If an app has great reviews and good no. of downloads then all that is required is to reimagine the theme, objects and a little twist and taste of your own. For exemplification take an account of 2 of the greatest mobile games with the same gameplay Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga (which is successor but yet more successful).Now you may wonder that why anyone would sell the code if the game is successful. Apparently there are some noble men like Brian Appell who have few good games (if not as great as the above mentioned), yet they sell their games’ source codes. You can read more about one of his game called Avalanche Mountain or even buy the source code of games like this.
      • Bad Report: If an app has negative reviews and feedback, clearly there is a scope of improvement as well as an opportunity that you can capitalize upon. You will have to identify the common concern raised in the feedback, revive the look & feel, music, background, etc. to create a fresh and improved user experience.


    2. Consider Mobile App Localization – Not known by many but mobile app localization can greatly influence the performance of app. When you buy the source code, think of localizing app along with its reskinning. It is very likely that the seller of the source code may not have thought upon it since most are unaware of the potential benefits (7X more downloads) that can be derived through mobile app localization and to reskin an app. Read more…


    1. Consider Adding New Elements, Chapters, Features, etc. – When you think of app flipping (same as app reskinning), you should also consider if there is any room to add new elements, levels, etc. before buying the source code of an existing app. Recreating mobile app experience via reskin with additional features can yield you great results. Know why?


    1. Consider Leveraging Trend or Season – It is also a great idea to reskin and launch an app considering the season or trend. In fact, reskinning an app during the period of October to December can greatly turn in your favor since App Store run wildly during these times and people are more willing to search and download your apps. Alone in the week of Christmas people download as many as 2 billion apps. Further reskinning model does not require too much time to be spent behind launching a new app since the app source code is pre-written.


  1. Consider Freemium Model – It may be very tempting to cash upon the successful mobile app idea however it may not be wise to charge directly for the reskinned app. Regardless of the original app’s pricing (whose source code will be replicated), you can release a reskinned app / game with freemium model that has impressive history and great future. See statistics.

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