30 Day Fit Challenge App Development – 7 Unique Features Startups Can Consider Before Developing a Fitness App

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Who doesn’t want to be fit today? Almost everyone is looking forward to getting fit and get their desired body. And, going to the gym daily is a norm for many, but what will you do if you are going on a vacation for two weeks or any business trip for a month?

Definitely, you don’t want to miss your training, but how will you manage your workout? The solution to this simple problem is using personal training applications, health and fitness apps that are mainly designed for people, who can’t go gym or often travel other countries or cities for their work.

Gradually, fitness and health apps are gaining huge popularity in the market as you can take them anywhere and do not miss your training. There are a lot of investments in personal training apps today, and the market is constantly growing.

As per the research2guidance report, the market for fitness and health application will grow by 210% by 2020 – from 10$ billion to $31 billion. Let’s consider one of the most popular and best fitness apps in the Google Play Store. As you can see in the below-given image, we have searched for “top fitness apps” in the search bar.

Let’s consider one of the most popular and successful free fitness apps for Android using the Google Play Store. As you can see in the below-given image, we have searched for “top fitness apps” in the search bar.


Let’s take an example of 30 Day Fitness Challenge App, one of the best fitness challenge apps, which named as the best of 2016 App, Top Trending App, and best Self-Improvement App by Google Play Store. 

What’s Special in this Fitness App?

The 30 Day Fit Challenge is the most successful fitness application that has approximately 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 downloads. The application is named as the best of 2016 application and best Self-Improvement App by Google Play Store.

However, there are various 30-day challenge gym workout apps in the app store, but this application is designed by a professional fitness coach and it is scientifically proven to improve fitness and health. Because of its unique features and functionalities, the 30-day fitness app is performing phenomenally in the market. Users can stick with the program and can see amazing results.

What are the Unique Features and Functionalities That Make This App Successful?

1 – Best User Interface and Layout

As per the user’s review, the app has the best user interface and layout that allows them to access this best 30-day challenge app easily and without any hassle. A good UI design of an app adds to the overall user satisfaction with the application.

Fitness app User Interface

App users are not only going to look at your app, but they are going to interact with it. 30 Day Fit Challenge app has taken its time to really explore UI design prior to embarking on an app design. 

2 – Guidance Through Animated Trainer

Many users also found this feature amazing as they can get complete guidance through the animated trainer, who shows them what to do and how to do.

App Guidance

It is considered as the most useful feature for users, who are new in the fitness industry and using fitness challenge apps first time as they can see and follow the animated trainer, avoiding any mistakes.

3 – Timer

In this application, the timer is the basic function but considered as an essential one by many of the users.

Exercise Timer

Through this function, users can easily calculate and track exercise and rest intervals that they are taking between exercises.

4 – Set-up Daily Reminders

The application comes with a set-up daily reminder feature, allowing users of the app to set up daily reminders, so there is no excuse for at least 30 days.

Daily Reminders

It will remind you to do a workout on your set timings, so you can set time according to you and get reminders for it.

5 – Video Demonstrations of Each Exercise

Video Demonstration of Exercise

The application provides video demonstrations of every single exercise that are mentioned in it. So, there would be no confusion like, how to do it. You can see it and do it along so that you do not make any mistake. 30 Day Fit Challenge has included video explanations for its users, avoiding the shortcuts.

6 – 30-Day Brief Calendar View

Past workout overview

One of the best features of the application is 30-day brief calendar view through which you can get a complete and brief calendar view, as you can see in the below-given image. You can click on it according to days like 1, 2, 3 and so on.

7 – Voice Control

Another best feature of the app is voice control that makes this application more convenient for users as they can pause and resume training, switch between exercises. Users of this app can listen to the voice carefully and perform their exercise easily.

These 7 unique features make this application stand out in the fitness apps category. By offering unique and required features, this app is delivering a sufficing experience to users. So, fitness startups can consider these features during fitness app development.

What’s Next Possible in Fitness Mobile Apps?

If you also have one such fitness coaching app idea that you wanted to convert into the popular application, there are various new features, functionalities, and techniques that can be included in the application.

To make the app more user-friendly, we can include videos of high-intensity workout for experienced people, whereas basic exercises for newbies. We can also try to include videos of explaining it exercise with its benefits. Moreover, users will also find it good if the app also helps to do Zumba and aerobics that are considered as the maximum calories burn activities.

So, what’s your fitness app development idea? What type of fitness application do you want to make? Share your idea with us and let’s see how our fitness app developers can help you.

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