10 Reasons why you should go with iPhone Development


If you are planning on mobile development, then you should certainly consider iPhone development for 10 specific reasons which are as follows:

  1. The average spending of an iPhone user is $107.03 per eCommerce order. (Source: TodaysiPhone.com)
  2. 53 per cent of departmental stores in US offer an iPhone app compared to 35 per cent of Android devices. (Source: L2ThinkTank.com)
  3. The use of iPhone over the last 6 months is up by 11 million users vs. 6.6 million for Android. (Source: Asymco.com)
  4. 91 per cent of iPhone users plan to stay with the platform against 76 per cent of Android. (Source: Loyalty360.org)
  5. Currently 20 per cent of the US population owns an iPhone however the number will increase to 27 per cent by 2014 and will be more than double accounting to 42 per cent by 2017. (Source: Loyalty360.org)
  6. 40 per cent of the teenagers look forward to buy an iPhone in the coming 6 months, up from 37 per cent in the last year. (Source: PiperJaffray.com)
  7. In 2012, almost 15.59 per cent of mobile phone ad impressions were from iPhone up from 14.67 per cent in 2011. (Source: MillennialMedia.com)
  8. 20 per of fathers own iPhone devices compared to 25 per cent of mothers. (Source: EdisonResearch.com)
  9. 80 per cent of the top 10 per cent of the heaviest smartphone data users are iPhone owners. (Source: AnalysysMason.com)
  10. iPhone accounts 15.69 per cent of all email opens against 4.69 per cent of Android phones and 0.02 per cent of BlackBerry (BB). Further, 6.55 per cent of B2B emails are read on iPhone compared to 1.55 per cent on Android phones. (Source: KNotice.com)

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