10 Facts to Consider Before Android App Development


If you are considering mobile app development then you must certainly contemplate on outsourcing android app development services. This is because 2013 is promising for the platform and everyone engaged into the android app development business will gain potentially, at least that’s what below mentioned predictions and statistics indicate. Read on further.

As per ABI Research,

  1. The volume of smart phone application downloads will touch 56 billion from which 58 per cent (32.48 billion) of the contribution will be of Android apps, in the year 2013.
  2. In the tablet market, android app downloads will account a mere 17 per cent of the total 14 billion app downloads during 2013.

As per App Annie Index for the Q1 2013,

  1. From the 4th quarter of year 2012 to 1st quarter of year 2013, Android App Store (Google Play) revenue grew at a staggering rate of 90 per cent.
  2. Android App Store downloads grew at a higher rate than iOS in Q1 2013.
  3. Russia was a key contributor in Android App Store’s download growth.
  4. Asian countries like Japan and South Korea drove extra ordinary growth in Android App Revenue.
  5. US, Japan and South Korea were the leading contributors in the worldwide Android App Revenue with the aggregate of 70 per cent. Revenues from these countries were more driven by the games with South Korea surpassing the 95 per cent mark, while Japan exceeding 90 per cent.

Other Facts

  1. Android App Market has substantial share in the current duopoly with iOS.
  2. Everyone knows about android lead in the device market share but most may not know that it is the men’s phone, i.e. majority of all smart phone (Android) users are men.
  3. Advertisers take deep interest in android apps. US surveys hint that there are more ad impressions for Android.

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