10 Benefits For Employees Working With Space-O Technologies


Searching a job from which you can earn the money is easy rather looking for an employer who offers career and other benefits that are not available with usual jobs. Fortunately you’ve landed on a page that talks about one such employer – Space-O Technologies who offers benefits above par. Take a review:

  1. We believe in long term associations with our employees.
  2. We value our human resource and provide job security instead of pink slips.
  3. We offer Careers against Jobs.
  4. Where others may just offer salaries we have promising rewards for our employees along with remunerations.
  5. We help our particularly our developers to hone their development skills and gain versatility. We ensure our teams get to work on different projects and diverse requirements. We allow them to groom themselves with the latest technology tools and updates.
  6. We encourage our employees to participate in events so that they can demonstrate their skills and gain growth in their careers regardless of their employment with us or any other company. The best example to talk about will be of “AppFest”– a three-day event be held between 26th to 28th July at IIM Ahmedabad, where mobile app developers will compete with each other.
  7. We provide employee referral incentives wherein our employees can earn incentives for referring or recommending good candidates for positions open with us. This is because we believe our resources and teams can be stronger and more synchronized if it is comprised of people who already know each other. And what could be the best way other than employing people who are familiar or friends with our workforce!
  8. We conduct in-house celebrations and events at various occasions for fun and frolic. Learn about Life at Space-O.
  9. Usually we consider appraising each employee on yearly basis. However, we don’t wait for the completion of year to reward people with exceptional performance.
  10. We provide a working environment that is fun, friendly and flourishing.

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And in case you have questions or queries related to career with Space-O, then you can visit our Career FAQs section.


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